The Rock ‘n Roll Hypnosis Show




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 Martin Walsh has developed a hypnosis show like no other. A quick explanation and a demonstration of how easy it is to enjoy hypnosis sets a crowd on its way to a most amazing and hilarious evening of entertainment. Martin Walsh takes his rock ‘n roll attitude with his keen sense of humor and his ability as a hypnotist to create Martin Walsh and The Rock and Roll Hypnosis Show. Martin does not degrade or embarrass his volunteers. He merely takes them on a journey of the mind. Although the volunteers are the lucky ones. The audience sits mouth open in amazement at the power of suggestion. Martin Walsh and the rock ‘n roll hypnosis show was featured at Six Flags Astroworld Fright Fest. Where it played to many sold-out shows.

Martin Walsh and the rock ‘n roll hypnosis show was the last act to perform in the amazing Crystal Palace in Six Flags Houston. It was with great pride Martin did the last show and what an amazing theater it was.

MARTIN WALSH Comedian Stage Hypnotist