About Martin Walsh




Martin Walsh is a ‘nice guy’ that pokes fun at situations all can appreciate and relate to.  His  handcrafted, observational humor sets him apart from the rest.   Martin’s comedy is heavily influenced by Rock N Roll, and his menagerie of pets.  Martin’s comedy has been described as ‘sneaky’, ‘beer through the nose laughter’.

Originally from Houston, Texas, as a kid Martin entertained friends and family with jokes and voices.  “I could see the ability to make someone laugh was a gift, and I love to use it!”  After excelling in trade school and then later working as a union sheet metal worker for years, the only next step would be stand up comedy. Martin has played all over the United States and toured military bases in Korea, Japan, and North Africa.

“Nothing thrills me more than seeing the faces of our men and women in uniform as they enjoy a little downtime.” – Martin Walsh

MARTIN WALSH Comedian Stage Hypnotist